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Travel & Tips Discover Queensland’s camping oasis
Discover Queensland's camping oasis

Discover Queensland’s camping oasis

Discover Queensland’s’ camping oasis

Australia is characterized by its majestic scenery that brings up the adventurous spirit of those who visit it. One of the most frequent destinations is the state of Queensland, better known worldwide for bordering the Great Barrier Reef and for its paradisiacal beaches, which are a frequent spot for practice water sports. Also, the national parks are great for motorcycling thanks to their winding and panoramic trails.


Discover Queensland's

Discover Queensland’s


Hundreds of travelers gather annually in Queensland with the intention of having a complete experience camping in its different landscapes. Very close to the Great Barrier Reef are the famous Lady Musgrave and Lizard Island cays, where their beaches are usually crowded for snorkeling, as well as gentle bike or foot walks.


Discover Queensland's

Discover Queensland’s


On the other hand Fraser Island, previously called K’Gari until being renamed in 2023, is the largest sandy terrain in the world and its dunes offer an incredible opportunity for motorcycling, while you discover the biodiversity that makes up its surroundings. There’s a reason why it was named “World Heritage” by UNESCO in 1992.


Beyond the coast you can find Daintree and Carnarvon Gorge national parks, two wooded forests for outdoor camping. The Daintree Rainforest is the largest in the country with 1,200 km2, and although Carnarvon Gorge is not far behind in length, it stands out mainly for its aboriginal value and geological importance, as there are records of cave paintings in the rock formations.




Of course, after a peaceful stay in the mother nature of Queensland, its winding roads will be waiting for the most daring motorcyclists.


I hope these stories have inspired you to discover the beauty of this natural paradise. Remember, nature always awaits, so see you soon in new destinations and new stories to share! Travel safely and keep exploring


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